A few more volunteers required, please!

We have had a great response as usual from our volunteers to help at this year’s events but, unfortunately, we are still short of one or two at a few of the events, especially the children’s events.

Volunteers help with a number of roles from taking tickets at the door to general stewarding and, of course, volunteers get to be at the event for free.

If you could help out at the following events, please get in touch with Sharon, our Volunteers Coordinator, at

Foodfest Thursday 22nd June – need one or two particularly able to be there to help set up from 4:00 pm

Children’s events on Saturday 24th June, morning and afternoon – three separate sessions, just a couple of hours each, all at the Baptist Church

Family Garden Party at Lymm Hall on 1st July – to help with stewarding this busy event e.g. on the gate, helping with games and generally being there to help the families have a great time.

LymmFest on Saturday evening 24th June – one person needed to help on the door at the Spread Eagle where there is rock music on offer – might be a bit loud!


If you can’t help this year but would like to join our band of volunteers for the future, still write to Sharon and she will add you to the list.

Many thanks in advance and we all hope that you enjoy the Festival this summer.


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