• Image of Ian Marks

    Ian Marks

    Festival Chair. Sponsorship, Committee member & Trustee

  • Image of David Smith

    David Smith

    Deputy Chair. Marketing Coordinator, Committee mejmber & Trustee

  • Image of Chris Hamlin

    Chris Hamlin

    Treasurer. Committee member & Trustee

  • Image of Alison Aldridge

    Alison Aldridge

    Secretary. Scarecrow Trail, Website & Committee member. Trustee

  • Image of Ann Dobson

    Ann Dobson

    Ticker orders & Committee member

  • Image of Ann Johnstone

    Ann Johnstone

    FoodFest & Family Garden Party. Committee member & Trustee

  • Image of Jacquie Davies

    Jacquie Davies

    Festival presence organiser & Committee member

  • Image of Peter McIntyre

    Peter McIntyre

    Friends, Grand Draw & PRS and Committee Member

  • Image of Jacqui Waby

    Jacqui Waby

    Events Coordinator, Committee member

  • Image of Sharon Cannell

    Sharon Cannell

    Volunteers, H & S & Venue Liaison and Committee Member

  • Image of Hayley Jones

    Hayley Jones

    Committee member

  • Image of Jenni Cookson

    Jenni Cookson

    Asst on FoodFest/Garden Party, Committee member and Event Sub Group

  • Image of Kate Barber

    Kate Barber

    Press. enewsletter and committee member

  • Image of Canon Michael Burgess

    Canon Michael Burgess

    Music & Spoken Word & Committee member

  • Image of Paul Woods

    Paul Woods

    Web Developer


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