Event Organisers: Update due to Live Event Cancellation

Due to the immediate measures that have been brought in for the Warrington, Cheshire, Halton and Liverpool area in an attempt to curb the growth of Delta Variant cases,  we have no alternative, for the safety of the public, but to cancel all Festival Live Events.  All Event Organisers are being contacted personally.

Hello Event Organisers

As we are sure you know, the 2020 Summer Festival was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, but we are now working positively on the 2021 Lymm Festival; although it is necessarily a slightly different version of the one everyone is used to!

We are delighted with the response we have had from Outside Organisers to stage your own events under the umbrella of the Festival and welcome their alternative ideas, concepts, thoughts and designs.  

These include  Videoing, Zooming and Streaming, Exhibitions and displays, Choral and Classical events and Theatrical shows which the Festival is set up to accommodate.   These methods avoid any problems regarding venues, social distancing and limited numbers.  We offer advice and assistance as well as ticketing facilities etc.

Applications for this year are now closed.

Please contact us with any queries you may have and we will be very pleased to advise and help you.
Email  our Outside Event Organiser, Jan, on  and if  she cannot advise you, she will pass your query to the relevant Committee member, who will get back to you directly.
Below are a couple of checklists that you may like to read through.  We hope that they will help you to clarify your ideas and maybe will prompt you with some things that you haven’t thought about:  (It is possible that the Venue Checklist may not be so relevant this year due to any restrictions that might still be in force in June/July)

If you would like to make an application to hold an event, then you will need to complete and submit an Application Form and an Insurance Declaration Form.  Right click on these links to download the files.  NB  Applications for 2021 now closed

In addition, here are some further guidance notes, setting out what you need to do and also how the Festival can help you.  Once again, right click to download the file.

We do hope that you will enjoy being part of  this year’s Lymm Festival and make it one of the best.


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