Marketing Checklist

Registering your event will ensure that it is on the Lymm Festival website …….and also included in the Lymm Festival Event Guide which will be widely distributed not only in Lymm but in surrounding areas too.

We will also be producing general publicity in the run up to the Festival including social media and mailshots to our subscribers and additional press releases. We try to cover as many events as we can in these but cannot guarantee coverage for any specific event when we have around 50 in the whole Festival.

Please do not assume, however, that the above means “the people will come”. They may still need encouraging. Key to this is addressing the right people at the right time with the right message. Here are a few tips. Forgive us if we are telling you what you already know.

♦  Your Event Guide entry

Don’t just describe it – sell it, e.g. not “A play about a couple having a mid-life crisis written by John Smith” but “ Who would have thought that your mid-life crisis could be so hilarious… “ Sidesplittingly funny” (reviewer).

♦  Your own posters and flyers

If you have multiple performers make sure they all have a quota of flyers and maybe a target number of tickets to sell. Maybe even a bottle of bubbly for the most successful seller. The Festival will have some poster sites. Make sure you are on them and any other legitimate sites that you have access too.

♦  Finding your niche audience

If you are doing a book reading, see if there are any book groups you could invite, ditto for poetry. Maybe send posters to bookshops in the area. Contact any literary festivals or clubs. Ditto for music or almost any sort of specialist event. For example, if you are doing open gardens, think about finding all the gardening groups in a 20 mile radius and tell them about it by sending flyers or emailing them . The internet makes it far easier than before to get hold of this kind of information.

♦  Give examples

People tend to be nervous of going to anything where they are not quite sure what it is or what the quality will be like. If you have good YouTube content put the link on your application and we will attach it. Maybe you even have your own website. All this adds credibility and your opportunity to promote what you do.

♦  Friends & Family

They will always make a great starting point but try and build up a “group” on email so that you can efficiently write to them all at once (make sure you use the Bcc function to send your email so that you are not divulging hundreds of addresses.

 ♦  Email lists

Whenever you run an event try and capture email addresses of your audience. People who came once are the most likely to be interested next time – if you are any good – and I’m sure you are.

♦  Facebook & Twitter

Get people to “like “ you. Send them little ticklers – don’t overdo it. Just to remind people to get the date in their heads. If you have YouTube footage post it.

♦  Run a Promotion

If at any time you feel you need to adjust the price or offer a deal on ticket prices get in touch with the Artistic Director and we will put it on the website and email it to subscribers.

♦  Local Press

Lymm Life, Warrington Worldwide, Warrington Guardian or even further afield. Give them as much notice as you can. Keep it shortish and try and introduce story value rather than just plugging the event. Bear in mind that the Festival Committee will also be submitting information itself.

♦  Make the best of your Festival website entry

If you are producing your own literature or have a web page make sure that you link directly to the event page on the Festival website.


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