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Jan 2021: Our New Year’s Resolutions

Lymm Festival is back – and resolves to make the most of 2021!
Envisaged dates…..  24th June – 4th July 

Since the cancellation of last year’s live events, life at Lymm Festival has been on a big learning curve. From the success of our online summer festival, we are confident that we will rise to 2021’s unique challenges and uphold the Festival’s role within the culture and community of Lymm

Here are our resolutions for the coming year…

(1)   The same OLD festival you know and love, with the same commitments to Lymm, to local talent, and to providing a range of events. Our activities recently included a village craft event and a series of Christmas poetry readings

(2)   NEW ideas in response to new challenges. Our 2021 programme will include a greater variety of outdoor, radio and online events.

(3)   A SAFE programme, monitored and amended in accordance with up-to-date government guidelines.

What’s new?
We have several new faces to help us on our journey…

Carol joined us six months ago to coordinate our Friends and Box Office, responsibilities previously held by Peter McIntyre and Honor Giles. She has also since become our COVID-19 health and safety adviser, thanks to her invaluable NHS background.

Paul has performed with the Festival for several years, at a number of very popular events. Now, the team is benefiting from his musical and theatrical experience in our programme preparations for 2021.

Harriet is well versed in social media and was a tremendous help putting on digital events last summer. She is now busy planning the upgrade of our website and preparing the Festival for a growing online presence in future.

Sally joined the team before Christmas to assist with marketing and publicity. As our link person with Lymm Radio, she will help us grow this important partnership and implement her own exciting suggestions for future projects.

…but there’s room for plenty more!

As a non-profit organisation, Lymm Festival works hard to raise the funds necessary to continue bringing art and entertainment to the village.

At £25 a membership (or £40 for a couple), the support of our Friends is invaluable.

We hope our 2021 programme will be flexible enough to avoid the pitfalls of Covid-19, but we are still in a time of great uncertainty. The support of our Friends, old and new, is more vital than ever to securing the future of the Festival. The value of such contributions is enhanced by the additional income we receive from HMRC for those Friends who gift-aid their subscriptions.   In return for their support, our Friends are given opportunities to communicate with the Committee and other Friends to learn more about the Festival and have their own suggestions heard.  Please contact Carol at: 

Or to subscribe direct, click on the links below:


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