Lymm Festival will be celebrating its 25th anniversary next year.  Organisers are looking to strengthen the team as preparations get underway for planning next year’s event.


It all started back in 1998 when Lymm Parish Council set up a Festival Organising Committee to put into effect the wishes of many people and organisations who thought it would be a great idea to have a Festival in the village.  The first newsletter said it would be ‘a showcase of Lymm talent’ and ‘include a wide range of events and activities such as jazz, folk music, a classical concert, art exhibitions, a range of dance programmes, dramatic happenings and live poetry, nature walks and boat cruises.’


Since then, it has grown in scale and there are around fifty events in the summer plus others during the autumn and winter.  During COVID only online events were possible but this year it was back to ‘near normal.’


Chairman Ian Marks says, “We are excited about our 25th Festival and want it to be better than ever.  Running the Festival has become more complicated in recent years and we are looking to expand our team of volunteers.  One important need is for someone to lead the publicity team.  This year’s publicity lead did an excellent job but has had to stand down because of the demands of her full-time job.  Commitment is required throughout the year but there is a lot to do in the run-up to the summer Festival.  To spread the publicity workload, we would also welcome other volunteers with a marketing, publicity or  communications background to step forward and join the team and take on specific tasks.  The other important need is for someone to act as our Secretary and to help out with some administrative tasks.  Our present Secretary has stepped down after many years in the role.”


Deputy Chairman David Smith adds, “We are very pleased with our new website and we have support from the designer on this, but we also need someone to take us forward on more general IT matters.  Someone with a health and safety background would be an asset too, as would someone who has worked in event insurance.  If you have any of these skills or any other expertise that could be of benefit, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact Ian on or myself on